Friday, June 26, 2015

Shelby, Shelby...

She is growing so fast... I couldn't enjoy the time she WAS a puppy... a REAL puppy... She is just 3 months old, but she looks not like a little puppy anymore....

But I still love her :-)
And she is still a great model!

Friday, June 19, 2015

my office

Today I also finished working on my office/art room.

I divided it on 2 parts.

Right side is for my illustrations, animation and graphic design/motion media computer, and I use it when I have custom order, of for fun.
I also have there my sawing machine, and all props for my sawing craft when I have mood for it.

and yes, yesterday I saw there the nightwear for Shelby :-)

In the left side of the room is my cozy nest for all kind of painting with pencils, watercolor, acrylics, and even oil.

All artworks have to be a small size. My big size  painting activities are going on in my huge bathroom(photo to show is coming soon)

Oh... here is also place for my little puppy Shelby :-)

New activity

Really hot outside and even inside... feel so lazy to do anything... I decided to paint my acrylic favorite style on 6"x6" canvas panels and see what happens. Usually I use acrylics for my big size stretched canvases only, and mostly for my whimsical paintings, so it's not a bad idea to change some art activities, and it might help me to feel different in this unusual weather... may be.. :-)

Here is my new puppy acrylic painting. Not too bad for the first time... :-)


Monday, June 15, 2015

Hot Summer

HOT 94.... it's too hot for me to be outside and to paint :-(... All next 10 days will be like it... I guess no plein air yet... :-(

Mini ARTini

I finally added my mini ARTini to my gallery. Hope people will like them. It's my creation :-) I think it's a good idea for the gifts for the any life events. Affordable and funny!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sketch Box Easel

Today I've got my sketch box easel! Very happy about it! Tomorrow I am planning to go to my plein air. Very exsited!
Unfortunately Shelby can't go with me yet because she doesn't have all shots needed yet. But she will have them soon. Any way I probably need my time to adjust myself to my new sketch box easel...
Can't wait till tomorrow.

P.S. Just finished my little Shelby ACEO 2"x3" Markers, ink

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Here is my new companion and friend Shelby. She is a brand new puppy, but she is willing to go with me to the plein air. She is also doesn't mind to be my new model, which is very convenient :-) This is an ACEO of my Shelby 3.5"x2.5"

Let it go...

I had a very hard period in my life... I lost my 15 years old dog who was my truly family member...
Now I am slowly coming back to myself. Tomorrow I am expecting a mail: I ordered on-line a new Half-Size French Sketch Box Easel, so now I can go out for the plein air with my new puppy :-)